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Welcome to Olde Tyme Towels where you’ll find flour sack
towels a.k.a. tea towels in a wide variety of designs available for purchase. 
Olde Tyme Towels
are made with fabric creating a vintage look
 reminiscent of flour sacks used in the 1800’s 
They may remind you of a towel that your mother or grandma used in her kitchen…
back in the day.
Back in the day the flour sacks were used to store flour, sugar, grains. 
They were later used by housewives to make towels, clothing, pillowcases, and more.

Today, these towels are “in-style” and have many uses in the kitchen, and even the bathroom as a hand towel. 
They are commonly used in the kitchen to dry glassware and since they are lint-free they are ideal for this. 
You can simply use them to dry your hands, and dry vegetables.
Bakers like to use them to cover dough, too. 

You may want two towels
with a design for more decorative use and to maintain the pristine appearance,
and one plain one for more functional use such as drying.




  • * The flour sack towels are 100% cotton
    * They are unbleached, and off-white/natural color
    * They are 19″ x 28″; larger than a typical terry cloth towel
    * Absorbency should be better than most other towels, too
    I really like using the towels for drying vegetables
    because they absorb the water after they are washed,
    and the towels dries quickly.   

    * Each towel has a sewn-on hook on the back, however, when I design them
    I pre-fold them in the best way to display the design. 
    I recommend using the same fold to display
    your towel in the
    most attractive manner.
    * Towels and aprons (available Christmas only or special order)
    are pre-washed and ready to use

Olde Tyme Towels are designed using digital images, or photographs. 
Most of the images are created by a third party unless it’s my custom design
or a photograph from my collection.  I print them and
apply onto the towel
with a professional heat press at a temperature of 375 degrees




Many of my Olde Tyme Towels designs can be customized with the addition of words.
Adding  latitude and longitude/coordinates make it a one of a kind design.
Commemorate a special occasion as a wedding, have a souvenir of your vacation destination,
or simply add a date, name, or special message

PHOTOGRAPHS–  I can also use a photograph as a design image.
I’ve done this with photos to memorialize a birthday. 
I charge a one time $10. set-up fee for up to two photographs that you provide.

LOGOS Have a business? I can use your logo to create a custom designed towel. 
These are good for promotional purposes, fundraising, merchandise sales.  




Christmas orders must be placed by December 5, 2022

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Don’t want to go empty-handed to a Christmas dinner?

Flour sack towels or aprons make a great hostess gift!



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