Welcome to Olde Tyme Towels where you’ll find flour sack
towels a.k.a tea towels, and aprons in a wide variety of designs available for purchase. 
Olde Tyme Towels
are made with fabric
similar to flour sacks used in the 1800’s, creating a vintage look. 
At that time the flour sacks were used to store flour, sugar, grains. 
They were later used by housewives to make towels, clothing, pillowcases, and more.

Today, these towels are “in-style” and have many uses in the kitchen, and even the bathroom as a hand towel. 
They are commonly used in the kitchen to dry glassware and since they are lint-free they are ideal for this. 
You can simply use them to dry your hands, and dry vegetables. Bakers like to use them to cover dough, too. 
You may want two towels… one with a design for more decorative purposes
and to maintain the pristine appearance,
and one plain one for more functional use such as drying.




 The flour sack towels are 100% cotton,
they are unbleached, and off-white color.
They are 19″ x 28″ ; larger than a typical terry cloth towel.
                  Absorbency should be better than most other towels, too.               
Each towel has a sewn-on hook on the back, however, when I design them
I pre-fold them in the best way to display the design. 
I recommend using the same fold to display
your towel in the most attractive manner. 
                       The designs are only on the bottom half of the towel.                           

Towels and aprons are pre-washed and ready to use.

Olde Tyme Towels are designed using digital images, or photographs. 
Most of the images are created by a third party, then I print them and
apply onto the towel
with a heat press at a temperature of 375 degrees

I do make some towels with stencils and fabric paint and they are also “set” using the heat press. 
These designs are identified as stencils in the various collections..




Many of my Olde Tyme Towels designs can be customized,
for example, with the addition of a name, phrase, or location.

Depending on the quality of a photograph that you
provide I can also use a photograph as a design image.
I’ve done this with photos to memorialize someone’s birthday. 
I charge a one time $10. set-up fee if using a photograph that you provide. 

Maybe you have a new home,
or are looking for a housewarming gift for someone else.

I have a “Home Collection” with designs suitable for this purpose.
One that’s unique and specific to a location is my design with

area code, zip code, latitude & longitude
of someone’s home. 
It’s also a unique design to commemorate a vacation location,
wedding proposal or wedding location! Simple and special!


What you will find on this website is a page with Olde Tyme Towels collections
are available for purchase. 
You’ll also see samples of custom towels that may give you an idea for a gift,
and sample designs that I may not have applied to a towel yet,
but I have it in my inventory.

I also design bib chef aprons with various designs. 
These aprons are NOT flour sack material, but I have found that they pair well
with a towel
(gift idea), or alone for your own use or a gift. 
The page dedicated to “
Aprons” has details on the fabric and features. 
Aprons may allow for a custom design depending on the size
since the
space on the bib area is smaller than a towel.




HOL 15


Don’t forgo the flowers and chocolates but add an Olde Tyme Towel with them! Great for adding to a gift basket! The towels will outlive the flowers and candy!  Some towel designs may be usable year round, too. 

More designs coming soon including… more gnomes
(these were a popular seller at fall and Christmas) and designs for those special women… grandma, nana!






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